An innovative neurosurgery holographic navigation system. Made in Italy. Mixed-Reality to serve surgery.

surgery operation

The current navigation systems are expensive, cumbersome and based on obsolete technologies. Technical and user-experience choices are not always adequate in an increasingly specialized context of use.

Pre-operative assessments are currently performed using three-dimensional (3D) reconstructions which are not accurate enough for the intended surgical use. Neuronavigation systems are the best option available, in addition to, the 3D images they provide are limited because they are based on 2D image analysis. The surgeon therefore needs to operate while mentally creating a 3D image based on three 2D reconstructions (axial, coronal and sagittal) and relying upon previous operating room experience.

Furthermore, the current communication software does not convey information efficiently and do not highlight some of the difficulties that may arise during surgery.

The quality of information available during pre-operative briefings is of increasing importance for surgery outcomes. In this respect, in 2013 Oishi et al. showed that performing surgical planning on computer graphics devices and in 3D is more useful than using 2D devices in 44% of cases.

Project Kiron tracks the movement of the surgeon and patient with precision using a virtual mapping system. The 3D-tracking improves the overlay's precision. Project Kiron then shows planning structures in their actual position inside the patient. The patient can be moved without any loss of accuracy. The overlay follows the patient's position in real time. This data are processed in NuCloud, a secure and robust cloud architecture.


Project Kiron planning application

Project Kiron Surgery application

Project Kiron Communication and post surgery application

Project Kiron takes advantage of Mixed Reality to offer a set of highly innovative tools for medical use. The potential and the features of Project Kiron can be employed in several interdisciplinary areas related to medical sciences or in more practical areas such as intraoperative neurosurgery.

Project Kiron is a new tool for neurosurgeons and its use may be integrated with current neuronavigation systems available on the market. The advantage it offers is twofold, as it can be used both before and during surgery. Before surgery, it allows to improve the planning and pre-operative preparation, as it accelerates the acquisition of specific 3D anatomic knowledge which is usually based upon the surgeon’s long-time experience. Using the device during surgery provides the surgeon with additional information on the patient and the lesion directly on the field of vision, thus ensuring total visibility of the surgical field all the time, without any interference or the need to move the focus away from the patient to look at the monitor.

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